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Inspired by the true events and mysticism of a small Caribbean island, Milwaukee Deep employs endearing characters, evocative plot, powerful prose, and fast-paced action to portray a stirring history more poignant for its enduring relevance.

Amateur fighter and freelance writer Ambrose Nobel is a vocal advocate for those with traumatic pasts. Ambrose’s own experiences have left her deeply suspicious, reclusive, and often unable to communicate under stress. We meet her in the delicate space between shedding destructive relationships and cautiously forming healthier ones.

Researching a family history she is ghostwriting, Ambrose is drawn to Vieques, a small Puerto Rican island commandeered by the US military as a weapons dump and proving ground for over sixty years.  Immersed in the island, Ambrose’s personal struggles are overlaid on the island’s storied history and the legacy of the natives who survived the decades-long assault.

Among the gentle, resilient hospitality of the locals, and coupled with the heady hoodoo and expanded awareness of the sultry island, Ambrose verges between the wisdom of the dead and the cruelty of the living. She must decide which reality to believe, who to trust, and what constitutes right among so many wrongs.

Vieques, the island itself, laden with biological and nuclear waste, and drenched in the blood of its people, remains eager for revenge. It teeters on the edge of the Atlantic’s deepest and most volatile fault point: Milwaukee Deep.

- Kirstie Croga,  Milwaukee Deep

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