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Kirsten is an intensely driving multi-hyphenate. She claims a life-long dedication to changing the world through working with nonprofits around the globe, offering marketing and resource development, and specializing in grant and copy writing. In 2017, she entered a business competition with an innovative model that creates entry points for nonprofits to resource-share the marketing and development services they desperately need to better meet their missions.


Winning the competition, she launched Ghost Writer LLC and has grown the organization to encompass three branches, twelve staff, and dozens of clients whose missions span the globe.


Writing under Kirstie Croga,  Milwaukee Deep marks Kirsten’s first effort in full-length fiction. In that effort she draws upon a career of storytelling and a deep, holistic understanding of community issues to create a rich, authentic, loving tribute to survivors of trauma.

Milwaukee Deep explores the effects of both personal and community trauma, how trauma might be addressed differently, and the power of a survivor mentality to connect across cultures, times, and perhaps across spiritual realms.

The Hub Show, June 11, 2023

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